Version 3.0
August 19, 2012


OnMyCommand is a UNIX shell script and AppleScript executor. You can build your own Contextual Menu Item or GUI application.
For more information on building command descriptions see Command Description Manual.
Sources are included with Contextual Menu Workshop. Newest sources are available on request.

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Version History

3.0 (Download)

2.3 (Download)

2.2 (Download)

2.1 (Download)

2.0 (Download)

1.9 (Download)

1.8 (Download)

1.7.2 (Download)

1.7.1 (Download)

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1.6 (Download)

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OMC features in a nutshell:

CommandDroplet is a small application executing commands in OMC format. You may use the same command description for contextual menu and for a standalone applet. CommandDroplet contains exactly one command description in its resources. Objects in __OBJ_XXX__ family are obtained from files dropped on CommandDroplet. Text selection objects cannot be used with CommandDroplet (but clipboard content can be accessed). More detailed information on droplets here.

A command description editor is available as a separate application. It is called OMCEdit and is written by Knut Lorenzen (Knut.Lorenzen at t-online*de). Great thanks to Knut for devoting his time to this project. OMCEdit is a great companion to OnMyCommand and you are encouraged to download it and try. It is free too. Please note that this application is not written nor supported by Abracode, Inc. You can download OMCEdit here.

User contributed command descriptions
Users are encouraged to submit command descriptions via OMCEdit so they can be shared with other users here.

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