Touch CM 1.0

Abracode, Inc.

What is this?

“Touch CM” is a Contextual Menu plug-in which changes file or folder modification date to current date and time.

It is not the first CM of this functionality (and this name)— I was not aware of it when I was writing the module, but it suits me fine and I thought I would share it with others. One advantage of this plugin is that it is cheaper. :-)

How much?

Nothing. It is free.

What you need?

A PowerMac, a MacOS which supports contextual menus (“Contextual Menu Extension” and “SOMobjects™ for Mac OS” library must be present in Extensions folder) — which probably means MacOS 8.1 or higher.
I tested this module with MacOS 8.6 only. Please report any problems/incompatibilities.

How to install it?
Drop the “Touch CM” plug-in onto the closed System Folder (or directly into “Contextual Menu Items” in System Folder) and RESTART.

Source code
The source code is available freely upon request. It is very simple. For general CM plugin source it is better to check my Internet Location CM sources.