Command droplets are small standalone applications supporting OnMyCommand command description format. Example droplets are distributed with OnMyCommand. You can use OMCEdit to build OMC droplet applications.
You may think of a command droplet as a GUI for CLI commands. It is not the first or the only GUI wrapper available for Mac OS X. The advantages of OMC droplet over other solutions are:

Usage and Redistribution

Starting with version 1.7 the usage and distribution license was changed to encourage development of droplets with OMC. The license is as follows: You are free to create, use and redistribute command droplets for any purpose, including commecial, as long as you give proper credit and not misrepresent the origin of the software.

Additional Icons for OMC Droplets

OMC 2.0 comes with one default Abracode icon for droplets. Get more icons here.