Additional Icon Packs for OMC 2.0

OMC 2.0 comes with one default Abracode icon for building droplet applications. You can download and install additional icon packs so they will be available in icon choice dialog in OMCEdit.

Currently available icon packs for OMC 2.0:

[Image] iPresentee Icons (4.6MB) courtesy of iPresentee team - based on their free Keynote Objects
[Image] Laughingbird Icons (1.8MB) courtesy of Laughingbird Software - made with The Logo Creator
[image] Scott Chitwood Icons (1.3MB) courtesy of... you guessed it: Scott Chitwood of Rampant Mac

Want even more icons?

There are a lot nice free icons out there on the Internet (usually free for personal use) but they come in different formats not suitable for using as application icons. OMC requires that the icons are in data fork-based icns format. Most icons you are going to find are in resource fork format hidden in folders (invisible "Icon\r" resource fork-only file). So if you want to add more icons to your OMC you need to convert those icons to icns format and make sure they all have .icns name extension. Once you have the right icon files you need to put them in:
/Library/Application Support/OnMyCommand/Icons/
and OMCEdit will pick them for icon choice dialog when you build a new droplet.

There are at least two free applications which can help you with batch conversion to icns format: FastIcns and NovoIcons.
Below are the screenshots of settings used for each application for batch conversion to icns.

FastIcns by DigitalWaters:

[Image] NovoIcons by TereNovo:

Ready to find some icons for your droplets? Here are some links to get you started:

Search MacUpdate
[Image] Search Iconfactory

If you are an icon artist and you would like to make your icons available to OMC users, please contact us.