Cyclone 1.6b1

An Interface for Apple Text Encoding Converter

Cyclone is a text converting utility application for the Macintosh that uses Apple Text Encoding Converter.

Highlights include:
— Macintosh, Unicode, ISO, DOS, Windows, and other encodings
— unlimited size of converted files
— multiple file conversions
— clipboard conversion
— runs native on Mac OS X (Carbon version)
— nice speed (thanks to Apple TEC)
— scriptability via AppleScript

Cyclone Requirements:
Mac OS X for Carbon version

For Classic:
— Power Macintosh
— Mac OS 8.6 or higher
— Text Encoding Converter 1.3 or higher — don't even try to run without it

If you do not have Text Encoding Converter, or you have an old version (lower then 1.5 which comes with Mac OS 9), check: or (look for “TEC”).
Mac OS X comes with Text Encoding Converter built-in.

If you need more information, take a look at:

“Cyclone Read Me”


“Frequently Asked Questions”.

Download options

For Mac OS X:

Download Cyclone X (v. 1.6b1)
Download Cyclone 1.6b1 sources    Browse sources online

Download Cyclone X (v. 1.5.3)

For Mac OS 8.6 — 9.x:

Download Cyclone Classic (v. 1.5.2)

Cyclone is available at Info-Mac mirrors in "/info-mac/text/" (though they may not have the latest version).
Find the nearest Info-Mac mirror at